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Hi, I’m Lexi, a Jay Shetty Certified Courage & Authenticity Coach, and the Founder of Fear No Ego™ Empowerment Services!

I aim to awaken the dormant courage within you to embrace your fears, confidently break the shackles of limiting beliefs, while taming your ego and creating freedom of mind to enjoy all of life's greatest adventures and success! The goal is to GROW with the flow, not just accept it and settle!

I can't wait to help you rediscover your courage, take the leap for exciting new adventures, and unlock your full potential to gain success in all areas of your life! I'm uniquely qualified to help the fearfully stagnant with growing past their fears and ego, because I WAS you! Your time to evolve and enhance your strengths is now!

A few years ago it finally hit me: no one was coming to save me from being unhealthy, unhappy, envious of others and their adventures, lacking confidence and real goals -- I realized I was the one that needed to take action... So I did!

It was my own journey to overcome fear, lack of confidence, and inaction that inspired me to embark on a path of personal development.

I lost the weight and transformed my life, both physically and mentally, opening the door to new adventures and personal growth.

Now, I am on a mission to help you rise to a new level of success in your life and chase your own dreams!

I founded Fear No Ego™ Empowerment Services to help you unlock your potential, challenge yourself, and create exciting new adventures while finding more purpose and fulfillment in your life!

You’re worth more than settling; embrace growth!

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Courage & Authenticity Coaching with Lexi

My Courage & Authenticity Coaching empowers you to overcome your limiting beliefs, embrace challenges, and move forward with confidence.

Together we will explore the reasons behind what's holding you back and implement tools and exercises to help you grow.

I offer weekly 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions.

As a new client, you'll receive a welcome booklet filled with valuable resources and access to my monthly newsletter packed with tips, inspiration, and updates.

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Podcast and Meditations

I host the Fear No Ego™ podcast, where you can explore personal growth, self-love, and new adventures all while embracing fear and standing up to your Ego! Join the community and cheer each other on as you embark on inspiring new adventures.

Check out my motivational meditations to get in the zone and hype up for those moments you need it most!

Hype-tations™ will unleash your inner titan, helping you shatter barriers and charge ahead with determination! *Coming Soon!

Client Results


Having Alexis as my coach has been enlightening and heartwarming! I feel like we've had a bond from day one. I believe she truly sees me, wants nothing but the best for me and is very present to help me achieve whatever the best version of me, that I aspire to be, is. She has been able to provide insightful reflections of myself, so that I can acknowledge where I am currently and strategies to aid in progress towards the direction I want to go. Thank you for all you do, Alexis, I really appreciate our time together!


I enjoyed working with Alexis. She has a calm and focused energy that helped me to open up. She’s done the work herself so she can relate to the struggle of change. Alexis gave good tips and homework to look with curiosity vs beating myself up. During our time together I had lots of shifts in perspective and aha moments. I am more mindful now and refocused on my goals. Thank you Alexis! 🙏


Fear No Ego™ Life Coaching with Alexis is AMAZING! I had no clue what a life coach was when I started but I wanted to find out. I had 5 sessions with Alexis and through those she helped me explore the whys of some of my behavior and my stress. When I would talk with her it was comfortable and like we had known each other for years. I actually had homework that opened my eyes to another side of myself that I had stored away. I am so grateful to her for the time and patience she had with me. I look forward to my growth and more sessions in the future. Thank you!

Empowerment Coaching Programs

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Courageous Odyssey

12 Month Program

  • 60 min 1-on-1 coaching session each week
  • FREE self-care and goals workbook
  • Tools
  • Exercises
  • Access to the monthly newsletter
  • Free access to Hype-tations™ *
  • Additional support via text and email, and more!

Visionary Voyage

6 Month Program

  • 60 min 1-on-1 coaching session each week
  • FREE self-care and goals workbook
  • Tools
  • Exercises
  • Access to the monthly newsletter
  • Free access to Hype-tations™ *
  • Additional support via text and email, and more!
  • 60 min 1-on-1 coaching session each week
  • FREE self-care and goals workbook
  • Tools
  • Exercises
  • Access to the monthly newsletter
  • Free access to Hype-tations™ *
  • Additional support via text and email, and more!

Blazing Trails

3 Month Program

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Rise of the Real

Peak Performance Program*

  • 10 module branding course for uncovering your authentic self for increased business success
  • Weekly exercises relevant to each module
  • 60 min 1-on-1 coaching session each week for 12 weeks
  • Access to the monthly newsletter
  • A FREE 30 day Content Calender
  • Group Coaching available upon request.

*Coming soon

My Big 3 Promises Through 1:1 Courage and Authenticity Coaching

Promise #1. Personal Growth & Development

My coaching supports personal growth and development by providing tools, techniques, and perspectives that facilitate self-discovery, detaching from the control of fear and limiting beliefs, and movement forward towards success! I help individuals break through hidden fears, overcome obstacles, and develop new skills and strategies to create real positive change in their lives. When you desire to BE more and DO more through adventures, advancement in your career, deeper relationships, more experiences in life -- we’ll build the stepping stones to get you to that life!

Promise #2. Accountability & Inspiration

My coaching offers accountability and support to help individuals stay focused and motivated to recognize their authentic self. Being able to more easily adapt to change will generate success personally and professionally, adding to more confidence in being yourself! I provide guidance, encouragement, and feedback -- helping clients maintain momentum, evaluate their progress, and make consistent gains towards their desired outcomes!

Promise #3. Improved Life Balance = More Fulfillment

My coaching helps individuals create a harmonious balance in their lives, so they unveil their hidden reserve of courage and begin to trust and love themselves more! Once this happens: adventures, risks, and performing in the face of fear all improve; showing the authentic YOU! Ultimately, my coaching aims to release individuals from living under the thumb of fear and Ego, living authentically, and creating a life they love and excel with! Who doesn’t crave more adventure, joy, gratitude, resilience, and improved performance and success?!

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